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Dealing with sensitivity

As you make progress, you will find that your glans is particularly sensitive or even painful to the touch. Even exposing your glans to the air might feel too stimulating.

This is natural. Your glans is sensitive because it’s been shielded by your foreskin for most of your life. Most guys reading this book have rarely experienced the sensation of shower water running over their exposed glans.

When doing these stretches, you will find that your glans will gradually build up and get used to the sensation over time. The more often your glans gets exposed to the air, the water of your shower, and your hands, then the less discomfort you will feel.

Eventually, your glans will build up to a sensitivity level where all it feels is pleasure from touch.

Decreased sensitivity is a good thing. It means that your glans is preparing to spend more time out in the open rather than stuck behind a foreskin that you cannot pull back.