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Stretch #3: The Finger-Wedge Stretch

Target: Phimotic Ring

The Finger-Wedge Stretch involves getting a finger into the ring opening and leaving it there for a continuous stretch.

The finger's width will stretch the phimotic ring.

It’s a passive stretch since you can leave your finger in as long and forget about it, But it only works if:

  1. Your foreskin opening can fit one of your fingers
  2. Your finger is wide enough to stretch the opening (for some guys, their fingers are too big to fit or too small to stretch)

Since it takes no energy to leave your finger in the opening, it’s one of the best stretches. Also, unlike the Ring-Pull Stretch, your finger will put tension on the full circumference of the ring.

Once again, follow the Finger Progression.

Easing with lube

While the Finger-Wedge Stretch is a great way to put passive tension on your phimotic ring with low effort, it can be hard to actually fit your finger into the foreskin opening.

I had to use a water-based lube for some of my finger progressions. For example, my index finger is much fatter than my pinky finger, so it’s always a hard jump.

Lube did help me slide a finger in, but it also made it easier for my finger to slide right back out.

Tape lightly applied to the tip to keep the finger from sliding out.

For about ten sessions, I decided to tape around the tip of my foreskin once my finger was inside so I wouldn’t have to worry about it popping out.

Sometimes water alone is enough to make things slippery. Even better is some of your own spit since it contains a small amount of mucus.

Water-based lube evaporates pretty quickly so it’s easy to work with. I recommend against oil-based lube since it’s overkill and does not clean up nicely.