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Stretch #5: The Glansie Stretch

Target: Phimotic Ring

The Glansie ST and the Glansie DX are tools manufactured by a Japanese company called Turumaki Corporation. I’m not affiliated with the company in any way, but they are one of the few companies that manufacture a product that targets phimosis.

The Glansie ST

The tool works like pliers in reverse. You insert the tip of the Glansie ST into your phimotic ring and gently clench the handle until the tip of the tool has expanded enough for you to feel the stretch.

You then hold the tool in that position for the duration of your stretch session.

The Glansie in action.

The Glansie DX

The company also manufactures a more expensive product called the Glansie DX.

The Glansie ST is spring-loaded so that you have to constantly squeeze it to apply pressure to your foreskin.

However, the Glansie DX can be locked in to a progression of notches so that you don’t need to constantly squeeze the handle. Also, as you make progress with your stretch, you can keep climbing up to the next notch.

The Glansie DX in action. Notice the notched locking mechanism.

My Thoughts

I actually own both of these tools.

The Glansie tends to be easier to use than actively stretching the foreskin with your fingers. Instead of occupying both of your hands, you can idly squeeze the Glansie ST with one hand while you watch TV or surf the internet.

I also got crafty with the Glansie ST and would often wrap the handle with a weak rubber band or tape to free up both of my hands.

Like the Ring-Pull Stretch, the Glansie applies pressure to a very small area making it somewhat less comfortable due to its small tweezer-like endpoints. However, the reason the endpoints are so small is so the tool can fit into very small foreskin openings.

I recommend the Glansie if your foreskin opening is too tight to fit your pinky finger.

The Glansie DX confirms that the tool is aimed at particularly small foreskin openings. The most advanced notch progression of the DX gave me about the same stretch that my thumb would give me if I inserted it into my foreskin. Same with the ST.

In other words, I progressed past both Glansie products when I could insert my adult thumb into my foreskin opening. By the time I got the Glansies, I could only get a few weeks out of them.

The tips of the tools are smooth and only slightly enlarged to prevent them from sliding out. However, with both the Glansie ST and DX, I had an issue with my foreskin slowly slipping off the tip. Sometimes I would have to use my other hand to keep my foreskin on the device or use tape at the tip.


The Glansie products are not cheap.

  • Glansie ST: $100
  • Glansie DX: $120
  • Glansie ST + Glansie DX: $150

Fortunately, the company provides a generous 60-day money-back guarantee, so the worst case scenario is that you just have to send the tool back if it doesn’t work out for you.

The cheap, manual alternative to the Glansie ST if you have a narrow phimotic ring is the Ring-Pull Stretch using the caps of some ball-point pens as I describe in that section.