Helping you with phimosis, frenulum breve, tight foreskin, and other male health issues.

Stretch #2: The Pull-Back Stretch

Target: Phimotic Ring

Instead of inserting a finger or tool into the opening of the foreskin to stretch it, this stretch uses the width of your glans.

This stretch works best if you cannot retract your foreskin when flaccid because it uses your glans as a natural wedge.

You will simply pull your foreskin back until the glans starts to stretch it.

The foreskin is pulled back until the girth of the glans stretches it.

The Pull-Back Stretch is not the most effective stretch since it’s difficult to get much outward pressure from the glans, but it is useful as an alternative to the Ring-Pull Stretch.

Warning: The phimotic ring is stronger than the glans is, so it is possible to compress the glans too much if you are too aggressive with the stretch. Take it slow and don’t try to cover too much ground.

Do it while you bathe

A good time to practice the Pull-Back Stretch (and most other stretches) is any time you’re in the shower or soaking in a bathtub. As you’re singing or thinking deeply, keep a free hand on your foreskin. This is an easy stretch to pull off with one hand and it does not require much concentration.

This way, you can squeeze an extra five to ten+ minutes of stretching into your day at a time when your foreskin is pliant with warm water.