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Stretch #7: The Pull-Home Stretch

Target: Frenulum

Like the Pull-Away Stretch, this stretch targets the frenulum by pulling on skin near the frenulum. Except with the Pull-Home Stretch, you pull the skin towards your body.

Grab the skin on the underside of your penis near the glans and pull back. You aren’t trying to roll your entire foreskin back. Instead, you only want to pull the skin that connects to the frenulum.

Grab the area around the frenulum (through the foreskin) and pull towards your body.

This stretch is harder to explain and perform than the straightforward Pull-Away Stretch, but the gist is that by pull the skin from the other side, you stretch the frenulum in a different way.

I learned about this stretch in a discussion forum where men were looking for novel ways to stretch their foreskin after plateauing with the Pull-Away Stretch. The same thing happened to me.

I started working the Pull-Home Stretch into my stretch sessions when I got my first steroid cream prescription, and the combination is what helped me get past the plateau.

You aren’t limited to only pulling the frenulum towards your body once your grip it from the outside. I spent some sessions holding my penis with one hand and pulling the skin around the frenulum away from my penis at different angles.