Helping you with phimosis, frenulum breve, tight foreskin, and other male health issues.

Stretch #1: The Ring-Pull Stretch

Target: Phimotic Ring

The general idea of this stretch is to insert two things into the foreskin opening and then pull them apart. It is somewhat like the silly face you can make by hooking the your mouth and pulling it apart.

An alternative to hooking the sides of your foreskin with your fingers is to instead pinch the sides and pull them away from each other.

For larger openings

Ideally, your phimotic ring can be stretched enough so that you can fit your middle fingers. If not, then start with small fingers at whatever progression level you can manage.

It’s better to use smaller fingers that fit than to force in larger fingers that barely fit. The Ring-Pull works best when there’s spare room.

Fingers inserted into the foreskin opening and gently pulled apart.

Follow the Finger Progression.

As you make progress, begin pulling your fingers apart at different angles. For example, one session you can pull your fingers apart to the left and right. In the next session, you can pull your fingers apart towards the ceiling and the floor.

Remember that the goal is to continuous tension, so it’s better to change things up between sessions than during one session.

For smaller openings

Your phimotic ring might not be large enough to even fit your smallest finger. In that case, you’ll need to find something smaller and make progress until you can eventually fit in your smallest finger.

Any time you use an item during a stretch, make sure it has rounded corners rather than sharp corners since it’s going to press against sensitive skin.

One common item that men used was the cap of a ball-point pen. I had success with the Bic pens that have the rounded caps. You might recognize the model in the image below.

Pen caps or other small items can stretch the opening as well.

Note: Be sure to clean anything you insert into your foreskin and rinse the item throughly.

Expand your foreskin until the previous For Larger Openings section applies to you. Alternatively, once your foreskin is wide enough to fit your pinky finger, you can begin the Finger-Wedge Stretch.