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Stretch continuously

The skin responds to continuous stretching. In one session, you want to take as few breaks as possible. Ideally, you will keep tension on your skin the entire time.

Stretching is most effective the longer you can hold a stretch without taking a break. Stretch as long as you can in one sitting. Only stop when you run out of time or if the area you’re stretching becomes sore.

The goal is to arrive at some sort of schedule where you can apply a continuous amount of tension without interruption. I had a lot of success developing an actual routine where I said “Alright, every morning before work I will devote an hour after my shower to a continuous stretch while I surf the internet”.

I’ve encountered men on the internet that stretched in cycles as if they were lifting weights, but there is no reason to break an hour-long stretch apart into small breaks. It is better to hold a weaker stretch for an hour than it is to hold a stretch that you can only endure for ten minutes at a time.