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Stretch in sessions

The only way you can stretch continuously all day is to leave a stretching device in your foreskin that will stretch it as you go about your day. I will cover some options later on in this book.

However, the next best thing is to break your stretches down into 2-3 sessions each day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Or once right after school/work and once before you go to bed. Where ever you can find blocks of time.

In each session, you will want to stretch at least ten minutes continuously. Ten minutes is not very long, but it is good enough for Day One so that you can get a feel for the sensation. As you get used to it, you will ramp up to thirty minutes. And depending on the kind of time you have and what you can endure, you can stretch for sixty minutes each session or more.

Of course, that sounds like a lot of time to devote, but ideally you will be able to stretch while doing other things like browsing the internet, reading, or watching television.

As long as you stretch continuously in each session, you will promote some sort of growth. Stretching for longer periods of time just makes it go faster.

The first couple weeks are the hardest because you do not really know if you are actually doing anything. You might even decide that one solution is not working for you so you’ll try another one. Hang in there. The moment you see any sort of progress, it feels like a great weight is lifted off your shoulders and an end is in sight.