Helping you with phimosis, frenulum breve, tight foreskin, and other male health issues.

What is Phimosis?

In this guide, we’re only concerned with the two main causes of phimosis:

A. Foreskin opening is too tight (Preputial Stenosis) B. Frenulum is too short (Frenulum Breve)

Often, it’s a mix of both complications.

A. Foreskin opening is too tight

There is an inelastic ring near the opening of your foreskin called the phimotic ring.

Unlike the rest of the skin on your foreskin, this small ring is not very stretchy, so it causes phimosis if it is not wide enough to fit over the glans.

The phimotic ring is highlighted in red. It's what you're trying to enlarge with foreskin stretches.

It’s like trying to put a small wedding ring onto a large finger.

If the opening of your foreskin feels too tight when you try to retract it, it’s actually this ring that’s too narrow, and it’s this little ring that you will be targeting in the foreskin stretching exercises.

B. Frenulum is too short

If your frenulum is preventing you from retracting your foreskin, the cause of your phimosis is called a frenulum breve. It simply means that the “bowstring” that connects your foreskin to the underside of your shaft is not long enough.

To see if it’s the cause of your phimosis, slowly pull back your foreskin once again until you begin to feel discomfort or tension anywhere on your penis.

You know you have a frenulum breve if your frenulum begins pulling the tip of your penis down before the foreskin fully retracts behind the glans.

Figure A.

Figure B. A short frenulum will often pull down the tip of the penis as the foreskin is retracted.