Helping you with phimosis, frenulum breve, tight foreskin, and other male health issues.

When to stretch

For most of the stretches, you will need to find chunks of personal time in your day where you have privacy to actually apply the stretches.

The best time for most guys is when they are taking a shower or bathing in the morning, evening, or after work/school. Not only do you get privacy, but your foreskin and frenulum absorb the warm water and become easier to stretch. Particularly if you have a problem with dry skin.

Another good time is when you are in bed in the morning or evening. Set your alarm clock ten to thirty minutes earlier in the morning and use that time to stretch in the privacy of your bedroom. Or go to bed ten to thirty minutes later each night.

The less time you have to devote to your stretches, the more it makes sense for you to consider the Flesh Tunnel Stretch which involves an insertion that you can wear for most of the day.