Helping you with phimosis, frenulum breve, tight foreskin, and other male health issues.

Why you are here

You're here because you have foreskin, and it's not working out for you.

If you're like me a few years ago, your foreskin is tight. You can not pull it back very easily, especially when you're hard.

It interferes with sex. Or maybe it keeps you from having sex. Or even from masturbating the way you want to.

It emasculates you, erodes your confidence, and affects your relationship with women. Maybe it affects your relationship with everyone. Especially your relationship with yourself.

Maybe it even keeps you from taking your pants off in the locker room. Altogether, your here because your foreskin gives you a lot of psychological anguish and you’ve had enough.

Welcome to the club.

Maybe you can relate to some of that. Maybe all of that. Maybe none of it. Maybe you're just here on someone else's behalf. Or maybe you just want to check out the options.

Either way, rest assured that I suffered through all of the above. It's what propelled me to find a solution and it's what compelled me to write this guide.